Royston House Seaside Retreat B & B

Ocean View B&B ~ on Royston Seaside Trail ~ Carriage House or Main floor Bedroom

Peaches and Cream baked French Toast

Originally discovered at a bed and breakfast in Dawson Creek bc many years ago, Nancy has continued to refine her approach and the recipe to make this a guest favourite. Baked French Toast with peaches and whole cream oven baked just prior to serving on french bread. Homemade peach jam used in the original preparation with fresh organic peaches added as the final touch. A side dish of yogurt with organic blueberries,raspberries,or apple slices. This is one tasty favorite....served with orange or our own fresh apple juice and organic expresso coffee or choice of herbal teas.

Frittata -Baked Scramble

Frittata Breakfast served with our own King Apple juice, Yogurt with raspberries and/or organic blueberries. Rustic Multigrain toast from Portofino Bakery and Nancy's own jellies or jams. Frittata uses 4 free range brown eggs. In a saucepan saute 1/4 cup chopped red pepper,1/4 cup chopped leeks, 4 chopped mushrooms, potato hash browns in 1 tablespoon butter and olive oil. Add well mixed eggs to veggies add chopped pieces of wild smoked salmon, cooked Bacon or Ham pieces. Stir adding cheese with fresh herbs tarragon, parsley. Frittata is then Oven Baked in the same pan you used to saute until light brown (approx 15 min). Served with organic Royston expresso coffee or herbal teas......Suitable portion for 2 adults

Breakfast Wrap

Blended veggies sometimes zucini,peppers,onions,mushrooms plus some of our own fresh organic herbs. Enclosed with lettuce and wrapped in different veggie based wraps. A side of yogurt with our own organically grown blueberries, raspberries or king apple slices. Breakfast is served with our own king apple juice or pure orange juice.Organic Spelt toast with some of nancy's homemade blackberry jelly. Your choice of several herb teas or Organic Expresso Coffee. The secret ingredient is only revealed to guests...

Blueberry Pancakes

When you grow big delicious blueberries in your own yard why not share them with guests so this is a favorite for our children guests and adults too. Organically grown blueberries fresh in july/august/sept and frozen the rest of the year. Start with fresh orange or royston house apple juice. Sour dough Pancakes with maple smoked bacon or sausages and pure maple syrup. One of our young 5 year old guests described it best-'these are really good'..A side of yogurt with fresh fruit. Organic expresso coffee for the adults...and maybe a fresh apple to enjoy later

Mini- croissant smoked salmon

You bet! It tastes as good as it looks. This mini- croissant dish is baked in an egg mixture just prior to serving to guests. Included is yogurt with fresh or previously frozen organic blueberries,strawberries, apple slices, peaches or raspberries. Some of our black russian tomatoes and greens in season along with pure orange juice or royston house apple juice. Finish it off with locally roasted organic expresso coffee or a choice of herbal teas

Homemade Blueberry Waffles and Bacon

Organically grown blueberries from Royston House define the flavour of Nancy's own Sourdough Waffles. Combined with pure maple syrup and maple smoked bacon. Start off with orange juice. A side of yogurt with home grown fruit - blueberries,raspberries, loganberries or blackberries and top it with local roasted coffee or your choice of locally produced herbal teas.

Breakfast in a Pan

Prepared in advance and handy for a large group breakfast, breakfast in a pan is a nice blend of eggs, ham or bacon and potatoe with herbs and spices to a just right taste with Nancy's secret sauce. Leftovers seem to be something guests really cherish so this dish is often served in the Carriage House suite. Toasted dark bread along with some of Nancy's homemade jam.
Homemade apple or pure orange juice to start and organic coffee or herb teas to complete.

Poached Egg Stacker

Begin with our own King Apple juice or Orange Juice. Broiled Tomato and Pesto on a Bagel with Lettuce/Basil and Goats cheese topped with poached free range eggs. Yogurt with our own fresh or frozen berries and Nordic Bread Toast from Grains Bakery. Locally roasted Organic expresso Coffee or an assortment of teas to choose from

Nancy preparing king apple juice for b&b guests

King Apples at Royston House BB are from Heritage apple trees 90 years old. The 2011 crop produced enough apples for 75 quarts of apple juice that is offered with every breakfast choice.

Ham 'n Egg'r

Baked Eggs enclosed in a slice of Ham with added flavour and spice. Served with King Apple Juice, Yogurt and Berries, Grains Nordic Toast and local Royston Coffee or your choice of teas
Royston House Seaside Retreat B & B

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