Pickin Time Retreat

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Chili for Lunch or Dinner

Lean Ground Beef
Baked Beans
Fresh Tomatos
Tomato paste
Brown Sugar
Barbecue Sauce
Secret freshly grown Herbs

Topped with Greek Yogurt and freshly grown Dill from the Garden.. Yum....Yum...;o)

Country style Bacon and Eggs

Farm fresh eggs soft yokes sunny side up
Pan fried Potato with butter, fresh dill and Cumin Seeds

Greek yogurt, Wildberry's, Sunflower Seeds, covered with real maple syrup from Ontario.

Fresh Pacific Salmon Dinner

Salmon from B.C.
Topped with Holondaise Sauce and Cumin Seeds
Fried Potato in butter with fresh Dill
Garnished with fresh Garden Tomato and Cucumber.

Salad: Spinach,Tomato,Cucumber,Advocato,with oil and Balsomic Vinegar dressing

Valentines Day Celebrations Also

Country Style Bacon and Farm fresh Eggs
Comes with Champagne and Roses

Toasted Bacon and Tomato Sandwich on Whole Wheat

Romaine Tomato, Bacon, Toasted Whole Wheat with Ranch Dressing.
Garnished with English Cucumber and Celery Sticks.

Emergency C Drink
Pickin Time Retreat

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