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Guest Breakfast

Breakfast consists of the following choices available to guests:
at least 12 types of cereal including hot porridge
at least 6 types of bread or pastries sometimes homemade if time permits .
7 types of jams, peanut butters, margarine or butter, etc.
6 types of fresh whole fruit, 6 types of cut fresh fruit and 6 types of dried, frozen or preserved fruit
Yogurt, rice pudding and pop tarts
Nuts - various types, will put out on request,
at least 6 Fruit Juices
various coffees, teas, hot chocolate, hot apple cider and milk (2%)
Sugar and Sweet & Low and honey provided.
We try to accommodate special requests from our guests.
The beauty of this breakfast is that if you want to sleep in, your meal won't spoil. You're on holiday and shouldn't be pressured to be there on time.

You can pick your own breakfast service time

breakfast options

beverages choices, coffees, teas, hot chocolate,, hot apple cider and a choice of at least 6 different juices
choice between at least 6 breads and pastries and 6 types of spreads (jams, etc.)
choice of at least 6 types of whole fresh fruit, 6 types of fresh cut fruit and 6 types of dried, frozen or preserved fruit,
choice of 12 different cold and hot cereals
yogurt, rice pudding, fibre bars and pop tarts

eggs can be prepared on request. notice would be needed if bacon or ham desired so we can purchase it.

You can pick your own breakfast service time

pick your own breakfast

Do you want a hot breakfast?

Pick your own, just let me know ahead of time so I can insure ingredients are onsite to prepare your meal. Some choices available to you are, pancakes, waffles, bacon or sausage and eggs, hash browns
quiche, steak and eggs (Extra charge for steak)

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