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Vegytarian Frittata with Meat Optional

Sautee whatever vegy's you have in fridge and cooked diced potatoes in frying pan with butter. Add beaten eggs with milk, salt and pepper for 1 minute. Place frying pan with metal handle in oven and bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Sprinkle goats cheese or another other cheese on top for the last 3 minutes of baking.
Served with fresh fruit or yogurt and granola. For the non vegy's Bacon, sausage or ham is optional and toast.

Cinnamon Raison French Toast with Maple Syrup Berries

Beat eggs with milk.
Add cinnamon and nutmeg to egg batter.
Dip the Cinnamon Raison bread in the batter lightly on either side.
Heat frying pan with butter, brown both side of bread.
Heat maple syrup in a pot on medium heat. Add frozen berries of your choice to maple syrup until berries are soft. If use fresh berries they go really mushy. Pour the sticky Maple Berries over plated French Toast and sprinkle icing sugar over top. Serve yougurt and graola first and sausage on the side for non-vegytarians.

Chocolate Banana Crepes with Bacon Optional

I am spoiled and have a quick and easy crepe maker.
Make crepes and heat in over at 200 degrees while waiting for guests to arrive. Melt using double boiler milk chocolate or semi sweet chocolate. Slich up some bananas.
Pour melted chocolate on 1 half of flat opened crepe, and sliced bananas on top. Clos crepe add abit more chocolate an d1 slice of banana and sprinkle with icing sugar and decorate with whip cream!

Bellgian Waffles with Fresh Fruit and Cream

I have a wonderful waffle maker to make my waffles.
Top with Fresh Fruit, drizzle honey or maply syrup and whip cream.
Add Bacon, sausage or ham as an option.

Sausages wrapped in Pancetta

Wrap pancetta which is Italian bacon around sausages. Mix together dijon or regular mustard and maple syrup.
Drizzle over sausages in baking dish and bake for about 30 minutes a until golden and pancetta is crispy. About 375 degrees.
Auberge de Mon Petit Chum

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