About Us

We are a proudly Canadian owned and operated web company.

BBCanada.com was created in August 1994. We went online in January 1995. We were the first Canadian B&B website on the Internet (since 1995) and now are the largest. Feel free to contact us:

J.D. Robbins

President and Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

J.D. and Doug White started BBCanada in August 1994 and has grown it to become one of the largest travel websites in Canada.

J.D. is a software developer with over 35 years of experience. He has created numerous internet technologies for large dot-com companies as well as many non profit organizations. He developed 'BBDUG' technology that allows B&B owners to update their pages in real time. Originally launched in 1997, BBDUG has become a popular tool for Bed and Breakfast owners across Canada.

Patrick J. Power


Patrick is a senior finance and technology executive with 30 years of experience founding and/or participating in the start-up teams of a number of successful companies. He holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario.

Patrick has participated in the startup teams of several successful high technology companies including Xicom Technologies Corporation (Co-founder), Corel Systems Corporation (member of founding team), Newbridge Networks Corporation (member of founding team) and Nuvo Network Management Inc. (Founder). His operational experience has included specific responsibility for product management, research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, strategic planning and financing.

Patrick is currently President of James Edward Capital Corporation, an Ottawa-based boutique investment bank (www.jamesedward.ca). As Chairman of BBCanada, Patrick's focus is strategic business and corporate development.

Karyann Toth

BB Book-It & Client Care

Karyann joined the BBCanada team at the beginning of 2016. She began her studies in Montreal specializing in graphic design and with an adventurous spirit, she later joined the military. Having relocated to Ontario to join her husband, Karyann is now our resident computer whiz and supervises the Online reservation booking system and channel manager, administering accounts and conducting training for members as well as Social Media administrator for our Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and Google page.

She finds her inspiration in sunshine and in travelling. Karyann enjoys networking with different groups of people, traveling and health and fitness.

If you would like to contact Karyann please email her at or call +1-800-239-1141.