Frequently Asked Questions

Creating an Association Home page

Do you have an association with 5 or more members listed with If so, we can design a complimentary association page for your group. If you have fewer than 5 members, we can create a page for a small fee of $100.

In order to create the page we require the following information from the association contact:

  • A selection of at least 10 photos from your region.
  • Text describing your association and some highlights from the area. A few paragraphs are sufficient.
  • Contact coordinates for association inquiries
  • A list of association members. Please identify members. Only members will appear on the page. Members will have a link back to their listing with us.

Please encourage non-members to join us. This page will give all members an additional presence on the internet.

If you wish to update your association page, there will be a web editing charge, which will vary depending on the extent of the update required:

  • 1 - 2 changes will cost $25.00 + applicable taxes.
  • 3 - 4 changes will cost $30.00 + applicable taxes.
  • 5 - 6 changes will cost $35.00 + applicable taxes.
  • Any more changes will be quoted upon request.

Association membership updates are complimentary; please keep us informed when you need to add or remove members.

Questions or updates? Contact Lisa at or call 1-800-239-1141.

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