Frequently Asked Questions

Add Your Own Booking Engine

The "Add Your Own Booking Engine" feature allows you to link and manage any booking engine you may already be using, to your listing on BBCanada.

Purchasing this feature will allow you to:

  • Drive more traffic and integrate seamlessly any external Booking Engine you use to your BBCanada listing
  • If your own booking engine allows you to create an iCal for each of your bedrooms, you can display your self-updating availability calendars on your BBCanada Bedroom page. Contact your own Booking Engine provider to see if they offer the ability to create an iCal.

In order to activate this feature you need to:

  • Login to BBDUG 5b to purchase ($25/year) this feature.
  • Add your Public Booking URL where indicated.
  • Add your Administrative Booking URL where indicated.

In order to add your availability calendar you need to:

  • In BBDUG 5, proceed to the Edit column and click on the blue “e”. Scroll down to “BB Book-It iCalendar URL (.ics)” and paste the iCal link for that bedroom. Save at the bottom of the page by “Click here to edit bedroom”
  • Please repeat this procedure for each of your bedrooms.
  • Each bedroom will have a different iCal link.

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