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Welcome to a must-see property often described by visitors as a “little piece of heaven”! Nestled in the Laurentian Hills, just a short drive from the Ottawa-Gatineau area and minutes from the Ontario border, this 276 acre property has so much to offer the dreamer, the entrepreneur, the person seeking that perfect investment. No matter the season, the natural beauty of this property lends itself to unlimited possibilities! Rolling fields of farmland, 143 tiled acres is surrounded by a healthy bush acreage which has been preserved with great care. Follow the many groomed trails through this bush and the seasonal opportunities are obvious: hiking in summer; sleigh rides and cross country skiing in winter; tapping the hundreds of maple trees and collecting sap in the spring; hiking and quiet, reflective excursions through colorful pathways in fall. The grounds around the main house area are pristine and have been a photographer’s dream through the years. Manicured lawns, complete with a sprinkler system, are dotted with rock gardens that showcase a wide variety of perennials and annuals-many of the latter started in the 672 sq. ft. greenhouse on site. Among the magnificent gardens are several ponds and once in time a few were stocked with trout!

The main house is 150 years old and has been restored to preserve its original look. From the front entrance a visitor enters two dining areas that showcase the original log walls and hardwood floors. The house has 2 kitchens, one with a beautiful antique cook stove and the other fully equipped for commercial meal preparation including a gas stove, walk-in refrigerator and freezer. The front porch area was converted into a dining area with nine huge windows that offer a panoramic view of the property. Upstairs the house has 5 bedrooms with 2 staircases providing access from both the main entrance as well as the main kitchen. These bedrooms are all original and one will discover the little closets tucked into the wall areas. Every effort has been made to decorate these rooms to reflect the country farmhouse period! Whatever the dream of a prospective buyer this main house can remain as is or be easily redesigned. Its current contents are all part of the package!

Through the years three buildings have been added on the grounds adjacent to the main house. Again, whatever the dream of the prospective buyer, the possibilities are endless! It should be noted that these facilities are all furnished as well. Building one is referenced on the webpage as the “Old Guest House”. A party room? A workshop facility? A guest lodge? Whatever its use, there are 2 washrooms and space to accommodate at least 40 people!

Building 2, referenced as the “New Guest House” on the webpage, features a large sitting area as well as 2 bedrooms with queen sized beds, a half bath and full bath with shower. In-laid heated floors provide a cozy feeling in winter and air conditioning comfort is there for summer!

Building 3, referenced as “The Lodge” on the webpage, is the newest addition. This magnificent facility has 4 bedrooms-queen-sized beds-, 2 full baths, a glass-enclosed sitting area, and laundry room and storage space. Again, radiant floor heating as well as air conditioning are built in.

Take a walk or drive along a small country road adjacent to these buildings and there you will find “The Cabin”. Very romantic with its “Murphy Bed” and wrap-around porch, this facility is that long anticipated weekend getaway! While it does have a generator, one can also use the coal-oil lamps and the little wood stove to recapture life in days gone by! An outdoor toilet simply extends the experience! Isolated, The Cabin affords a magnificent view of the land and lakes that surround the area.

Beside the property’s greenhouse is another unique structure labeled “The Pig House” on the webpage. Its history is unique and its potential unlimited!

It is no surprise to find a “Workshop” on a property of this magnitude! In addition to tools, here you will find a Maple Syrup Evaporator and a Generator that provides back-up service to all facilities on the property!

Given its original status as a working farm, it is not surprising to find barns on the property. One of these has housed the horses which have for many years created fond winter memories of family and friends’ sleigh rides! This barn has three bay entrances where one will find a big red sleigh, a tractor with front end loader, hay in the mows, and winter storage for vegetables.

The second barn, once used by dairy cattle, was redesigned to serve a new purpose and has unlimited potential! A visit to the webpage will reveal a glimpse of the fabulous weddings this barn has hosted through the years. The vibrant red roof, newly installed, signals the location! This facility has 4 indoor washrooms, open-beamed ceiling with lighting, 4 refrigerators, a raised stage area, a combination of concrete and hardwood flooring, and four twelve foot sliding door entrances. It comes with 250 almost new white chairs with padded seating and 33 rectangular tables.

Take a short drive from this barn to the corner of the property and there one will find a fully refurbished “mobile” home tucked among maple trees. This two bedroom facility is tastefully decorated and waiting to have its function defined by new owners!

The magnificence of this property is understated here and definitely worth exploring. The pride its owners have taken in developing this property to realize their dream is not lost on any visitor.
Let it become your dream now!

Price: $1,200,000 plus applicable taxes


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