Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to save on your Membership fees

How does it work?

Each time you refer a property to join you will have a $15 credit per referral put towards every annual renewal amount. This credit will remain as long as they stay online with

To illustrate, if you bring 4 property referrals, you will see a discount of $15 x 4 = $60 on your yearly invoice, each year, as long as those 4 properties remain online with BBCanada. This will automatically appear on your Yearly Invoice/Account Status report in

I have multiple listings; do I get a credit on all of my listings?

This credit applies to one listing only, for a total of $15 for each property that joins You can now potentially cover your entire membership fee.

How can I insure that I get my reward?

The property that you refer must include the name of your property in the "How They Heard About BBCanada" line of their application to insure that you receive your $15 discount for suggesting they join We do our best to issue a reward for each new listing on bbcanada so do your best to tell them to use your full property name when they sign up. We'll do the rest.

Is the credit ongoing?

It sure is! The credit will appear on your yearly Invoice as long as the properties you have referred remain active subscribers of

I recommended a property previously; can I still have credit for it?

This program has launched as of our 10,000th subscriber number joining. The rewards program credit can only be received for properties that you have referred after its launch.

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