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Woodland Gardens Bed and Breakfast

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Breakfast Favourites

Enjoy a generous hot breakfast in our elegant dining room or on the deck overlooking our perennial gardens. For a unique culinary experience, savour some Finnish specialty entrees! We also offer traditional Canadian favourites including omelets, french toast , bacon and eggs to name a few.


A guest favourite! Pulla is a mildly-sweet braided Finnish dessert bread, flavored with crushed cardamom seeds. It is topped with sliced almonds and pearl sugar. This very traditional bread, is served at all special occasions in Finland, usually with a good cup of coffee.

Lihapiirakka (Meat Pastry)

A Finnish favourite made with a sweet dough and filled with a mildly seasoned ground beef, onion and rice mixture.

Pannukukku (Pan Cake)

This oven baked pancake has a rich custard-like texture and taste. This Finnish breakfast treat is typically served with fresh fruit, whipped cream, syrup or confectioners sugar and of course ... kahvi (coffee).

Riisipiirakka (Rice Pastry)

This favourite Finnish dish is also called Karjalan Piirakka, because it originated in the Karelian area of Finland.

This oval shaped, baked pastry is made with a rye crust and filled with rice pudding or a savoury mashed potato filling. Typically it is served with Munavoi, an egg butter, spread over the hot pastry.

Riisipiirakka can be served for breakfast or lunch. We have partnered it here with Rossolia, which is a beet and potato salad. (Herring is optional)

Dinnerware is Ultima Thule, which is made by iittala, a renowned Finnish glassware company.

Lettua ('Little Pancakes')

These crepe-like pancakes are an institution in Finland. The egg-milk-flour batter produces a thin sweet crepe or 'dessert crepe'. It is traditionally rolled up and served with fresh fruit or preserves, along with a sugar, syrup or whipping cream topping. They can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Traditional Canadian Favourites

For the bacon and egg lovers, we offer traditional Canadian favourites including our specialty Cream Cheese Scrabbled eggs with a generous serving of Canadian Back bacon, bacon or sausage

Baked Layered Omelette with a side of Peameal Bacon

Our baked layered omelette is a B&B favourite and can be served with your choice of bacon, ham, sausage or peameal bacon. A vegetarian option of the omelette is also available.

An Intimate Breakfast in our formal Dining Room

Enjoy breakfast in our intimate formal dining room with a touch of elegance! Chandelier, silverware, cloth napkins and even Finnish glassware are just some of the touches that make any occasion special!
Woodland Gardens Bed and Breakfast

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